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Joe Crabtree is a screenwriter, director and producer based in London, U.K. His latest project 'The Storyteller' is currently on the festival circuit and he is in pre-production of 'Screw' and 'The Soup'.

Writer / Director / Executive Producer
Short Film, 9 minutes
An avid storyteller struggles to maintain the glamorous illusion of her life when a classmate turns up to her fictitious party.

Theatre Play, 120 minutes
A comedy about what it's like to be a young woman living, working, drinking and loving in the 21st century.

Writer / Director / Co-Producer
Short Film, 20 minutes
A dyslexic teenager struggles to maintain a relationship with the wayward older brother he idolises.

Writer / Director / DP
Music Video, 4 minutes
A bench ignites a memory of summer love.

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor
Short Film, 10 minutes
A failing student convinces his clever friend that they can cheat their final exams. 


The Window to the Others

Screenplay in Development
A romance with an enchanting & warm construction worker questions the prejudices of a middle-class art student. 
(Concept Art by Joseph Teh)

Golden Lady

Screenplay in Development
A reclusive 18-year old ventures on a journey to reclaim his favourite shirt after losing it during a one-night romance. 
(Concept Art by Joseph Teh)

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